mardi 17 octobre 2017

Notre invitée d'octobre '17 : Steffi

C'est au détour de mes balades sur Instagram que j'ai découvert les sublimes créations de Steffi (@steffiried). J'ai tout de suite accroché à la douceur et la technicité dans ses créations. Je vous laisse la découvrir ici et bientôt son mini rien que pour nous... (pour les novices en anglais un tit coup de copier/coller dans Google traduc et le tour est joué !!)

About ME:
I am Steffi and live with my daughter Anni and my husband in the south of Germany. I've been creative since my childhood. In my youth I painted a lot with oil. The enthusiasm for photographing I got from my dad. My camera is often with me and I just love it to hold on to everything. My daughter sometimes doesn’t like it so much, because she is my favourite photo shoot of course :)

About 5 years ago I created my first mini book. I was looking for a nice photo album for my daughter. But I did not like one. I found the albums are all boring. So I searched in the Internet and bought two books about scrapbooking as well as papers in an online shop. The wide selection of colours and the many inspirations have aroused my passion for scrapbooking.
So I can connect my two passions (photography and scrapbooking). Capture all the memories in different albums is the most beautiful. My family often looks at the mini books. Then we recollect memories. This is the best thing about mini books!! I LOVE it.

I create mini books to all possible themes and topics. For example, seasons, journeys, birthdays, small moments from my daughter,... There are no limits when creating photo albums. That is the beauty of it. My "mini album highlight" every year is the December Daily. I love the christmas season and I can play with all my gold and glitter stuffs.

For my photos I look for the appropriate papers and embellishments first. I like it when the papers colour match with the photos. I like it when everything looks harmonious. Often I have an album format in the head when taking pictures. I know that is crazy, haha. But such thoughts come to me when I take pictures. I just love it.
After printing the photos, it starts. First I create the binding and every single page. The cover is often the last step. It usually only develops while I create the album. This has already become a small tradition with me that the cover is the conclusion of the mini book.

To create my albums, I always use a trimmer, my hole punch, scissors, double-sided tape and glues, yarn and my sewing machine. I love stitched accents on the sides. This gives the pages more structure. I often use sequins. I have it in all colours and can put it anywhere, as small highlights. When I use colours, then mostly acrylic paints. Straight on white pages you can achieve beautiful results with colours and embroideries. As a change, I create transparent pages. Vellum paper is good or the transparent packaging of stickers, buttons, etc. This is a cheap solution and an eye-catcher in the album. Another convenient option is to cut motifs (flowers, words) from patterned paper. This is an economical solution for embellishments.

For me the trimmer, the hole punch, scissors, good adhesive products and white Cardstock are indispensable when creating my mini book. These are my basic tools.


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